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One of the happiest moment in our life is to have someone that makes our lives comfortable. Someone that gives us a complete joy. When we are in love, it feels like we are in heaven and just so relaxing. Our problems in life will be gone, many times we want to give up, but we can’t do it since someone is cheering us and help us go through it. To love someone, you must be able to love her/him with all your heart. Love helps us to become inspired and do things that we cannot do before. There are times in our life that we are afraid to make changes, but we are motivated by the love we have.


When our partner shows love to us, we feel secure, and we try to improve ourselves. Love makes us a better person when we are in pain, we can over them and express our emotions. When in a relationship, always be honest and real to yourself, never make any reasons that your partner suspects you. There are times in life you feel tired and your partner helped you to eases the pain. Many couples have shared about how they keep their relationship success; they say have open communication. Well, in fact, that is true, discussing things is essential to avoid arguments and fights. Success in a relationship depends on you, so if you want to have a good connection, loyalty is crucial.


When you love someone you have to tell your feelings even if how ashamed you are, it’s hard to let the chance go and see their hands to other people. Better to be rejected that you try that without trying and no answer. Many people regret that, since they have able to know their feelings when it’s too late when they are already married, but that is life, and you have to take chances always.


All my life, I never thought to find someone that is compatible with me. I am so done with love, I have been so much broken before and it pains me. I have loved a woman once, and I give everything I have even it cause my life. I gave everything she needs to make her happy. I thought she loves me too for staying with me, but I was wrong she is just using since she could benefits with me, until I know she is dating someone else and let her go.


I focus on myself and career. I booked a petite escort at every business event in London, but the recent one means so much to me. She is a new member of a petite escort from https://charlotteaction.org/petite-escorts and I just find her cute and attractive. She is so adorable and has a kind heart. I pursue her and love her every day of my life. And now we are eight years in a relationship, and she gives me complete happiness.